New Rasmalai And Tres Leches Recipe

New Rasmalai And Tres Leches Recipe

New Rasmalai And Tres Leches Recipe


New Rasmalai And Tres Leches Recipe. If you love ras malai then you’re gonna love this fusion cake of tres leches infused with cardamom and saffron milk I’ve broken it down into three easy steps and so with that being said let’s get straight into it step one the sponge and the ingredients that you need is self-raising flour egg whites milk sugar milk powder baking powder cardamom powder and egg yolks first of all what we need to do is whisk our egg whites in there we’re going to be adding half of our sugar and the remaining half we’re going to be adding that into our egg yolks let’s start that off.

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We’re going to start with whisking our egg whites first when they look like this they’re a bit foamy what we’re going to now do is add in half of our sugar and we’re gonna whisk again until the egg whites are stiff we want stiff peaks and that’s what we have here even if we tip the bowl over it shouldn’t fall out and now we’re going to move on to our egg yolks and guys just um to mention also that bowl that you use to make sure it’s grease-free make sure you dry it properly as well and also make sure you clean and wash and dry these whisks properly too.

We’re going to add our remaining sugar to the egg yolks and we’re going to whisk this until it’s nice and pale let me just grab my spatula to clean up the sides guys to mention um make sure you get a bigger bowl when whisking the egg yolks um I’ve just swapped bowls because we’ll be adding in the rest of the ingredients we’re just going to just carry on mixing this.

It’s looking nice light and pale in here we’re going to be adding in the milk powder milk cardinal powder just give that a whisk sifted self-raising flour and I’m gonna just gently fold that in and also the baking powder too and now we’re going to fold in our egg whites make sure guys when you fold it in don’t overfold because what will happen is your cake will end up dense I’m just going to add half in the first fold that in and then we’re going to add in the remaining half of it and fold in the other half I’ve also prepared my pirates dish as well I’ve lined it with.

Some baking paper’s easy for me to remove generally just mix everything in until the mixture is incorporated nicely and we’re going to bake this at 180 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes everybody’s ovens vary to make sure you keep an eye on it doesn’t burn or if it or it’s not undercooked while this is happening in the oven we’re going to prepare for our step two which is the three kinds of milk for the milk we need to be evaporated milk full-fat milk some cream condensed milk cardamom powder milk powder and some saffron strands this part is really easy as well all.

We’re going to be doing is mixing everything warming it slightly in a pot and then pouring it over our sponge which of course I’m going to show you let me just mix everything in here once that’s all mixed up nicely keep that aside and when just before pouring it over your sponge we can just warm it up slightly in a pot now we’re going to pour our warmed up milk all over our sponge but before we do that what I’ve done is I’ve removed the baking paper um and now we’re just going to poke holes all over.

Now, this will help um of course with them the soaking part and then I’m going to very slowly pour the milk mix mixture all over um I’m going to leave some aside as well because we’ll need some at the time of serving what will happen is the sponge will soak up all the milk we’re gonna leave this in the fridge forum I mean you can leave it for a few hours but the best results are overnight.

I’m going to be leaving it in the fridge overnight you want to make sure that you cover the whole of the sponge has had a good soak overnight and now we’re going to move on to this final stage which is our cream topping the ingredients that you need for that is some double cream condensed milk cream cheese or mascarpone cheese is fine too cardamom powder milk powder and for our garnishing or our decoration we’ve got some chopped pistachio chopped almonds and some saffron strands.

Let’s move on to whipping our cream up so I’m just going to move these aside and all we need to do is throw these ingredients in there just a pinch of cardamom powder condensed milk that depends on how sweet you want it I’ve got about three to four tablespoons but do try your mixture out and if you need to add more than you can and we’re just going to get our whisk and whip that up also guys I want to mention don’t over whip the mixture because we don’t want thick cream we just want soft peaks it’s nice and smooth and soft when we eat it this is how the consistency should be guys it’s nice and soft.

Because also if you do put it back in the fridge then um you can also remember that it starts to go a little bit thick um also you know we do want to keep it smooth and soft we’re almost there guys just the final part now we’re just going to spread our cream all over and if you want to you can also pipe this cream as well but I prefer to just use my palette knife and just spread it and then now we’re just going to sprinkle our pistachio nuts all over almonds.

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