New Paneer Samosas Recipe For You

New Paneer Samosas Recipe For You

New Paneer Samosas Recipe For You

New Paneer Samosas Recipe For You. We’ve been making it delicious recipe we’re making paneer samosas with potatoes peas and sweet corn and you guys are gonna love it now let’s get straight into it okay so let me just take you through the ingredients.

ingredients For paneer spicy samosas

I’ve grated half of that and also the other half I cut into cubes so I had about 200 grams of paneer I’ve got two medium potatoes and I cut them into really small cubes like this 1 TSP of turmeric powder 1 TSP of ginger-garlic paste 2 tablespoons of cooking oil I’ve got some fresh chilies here which I’ll blitz into a paste 1/2 a teaspoon of chili powder 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin powder some salt to taste some chopped spring onions 1 cup of sweet corn and peas and 1 onion chopped.

Let’s Start To Cook Paneer Samosas Recipe

I’ve got a drain here or current seeds I’ve got about half a teaspoon of a dry mango powder some coriander leaves I’ll chop them up for garnishing and we’ve got some samosa leaves here or something so far and I’ve also made some paste here with plain flour and water I’m going to add in the oil and then we’re going to add in the carom seeds now this has quite a he’s quite pungent and also it’s very close to their own when everything is very close to time.

Now I’m just going to stir that in and then I’m going to throw in the onions now we’re only going to cook the onions until they’re soft so we’re not going to like we don’t want a golden brown or anything like that the onions have softened so now we’re going to add in the potatoes excuse me serving the potatoes now this should cook very quickly because I’ve put them into small pieces I haven’t parboiled them there’s no need to parboil them and also we’re going to add in the sweet corn and the peas the garlic and ginger paste the first Chili’s.

Which I’ve just ground as well in my food processor so I want to be able to kick to it so I’m gonna add about a teaspoon of cumin powder the dry mango powder red chili powder so I’m doing masala powder and salt to taste they want to mix everything just give it a taste you need to add a bit more you can and I’m just going to mix everything up now already I can smell it smells really nice now

What I’m going to do is I’m just going to give this a stir then just going to cover this and then just cook it – the potatoes are just about soft we don’t want to get the tape we don’t want the potatoes to be really mushy or anything like that so guys the potatoes are now ready I’ve left it to cool for about 20 minutes or so and now we’re going to add in the grated paneer and the cubed paneer.

So let’s just throw that in and also the spring onions and the chopped coriander and then I’m just going to gently give that a mix already looking nice and colorful okay guy so I’m just going to show you now how to fill a samosa let me just so what we do is we just take the sheet and then we just do a triangle like this so fold it like that and then we’re just going to fold it down like this way.

If you put a little triangle pocket then take some filling and we don’t want to fill it too much sort of out about a tablespoon and just press the mixture in and if you want to add a little bit more you can so just a little bit and you should know once you press it you should know whether you need a bit more or not and then we’re just going to press it down like this so make sure you hold it quite firm and we need these points as well.

We don’t want big holes here at the end and then you’re just going to fold it down like this and then we take our flour and water paste and just spread it over like this so just brush it over and then fold it again and then fold it this way and there you go just show you another one so guys I’m just gonna carry on doing this until the filling is finished and then.

What I normally do is I just place them in a tray I don’t know if you can see that but I just kind of just individually put them on a tray or what you can’t do is also just freeze it empty I draw out in your freezer and then just pop them in the freezer in the drawer layer with some cling film on top and then just layer the samosas and then they’ll want the frozen you can then bag them up in frozen bags of maybe like 15-20 and that’s how I freeze my savories so yeah let me just carry on doing this until we’re done.

Now we’re just going to fry a few and the oil is hot and so let’s just pop a few in there so I’m going to fry this on medium to high heat keep an eye on them turn them occasionally as well and we’re gonna fry them until they’re nice and golden and then we’re going to be ready to serve and you can serve this with your favorite dip it could be chili sauce too much ketchup I’ve got some tamarind it is short.

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