New And Easy Homemade Easy Chicken Manchurian Recipe 2021

New And Easy Homemade Easy Chicken Manchurian Recipe 2021

New And Easy Homemade Easy Chicken Manchurian Recipe 2021

New And Easy Homemade Easy Chicken Manchurian Recipe 2021.  We’ve got some chicken pieces sliced onions mixed peppers some water cornflour soya sauce one egg salt Chinese spice we’ve also got one whole chili here some oil chili powder tamarind sauce tomato ketchup garlic and chili sauce ginger and garlic paste chili flakes rice vinegar nigella seeds sesame seeds white ground pepper and some spring onions.

Ingredients 👇

500 grams boneless chicken cut in cubes 1 onion 5 tbsp oil 3 tbs soy sauce 2 tbs white rice vinegar 1 tsp white pepper 1 tsp chili flakes 1 tsp chili powder 1 tsp Chinese 5 spice 2 tsp garlic/ginger paste 4 tbsp tomato ketchup 5 tbs chili garlic sauce 5 tbsp tamarind sauce 1 beaten egg 1 fresh chili 1 tbsp cornflour mixed with some water (optional) 2 tsp sesame seeds for garnish 2 tsp nigella seeds for garnish Spring onions Half of the red and green pepper salt to taste.

Let’s Start To Make Chicken Manchurian

The first step that I’m going to show you is uh we’re going to be marinating the chicken pieces I’ll go through the ingredients that we have here I’m going to be adding in some oil and the remaining oil we’ll be using for the sauce about I’d say about two tablespoons of oil goes in there one egg and I’ve just one beaten egg in that goes chili powder Chinese five-spice ground white pepper some salt and the ginger and garlic paste and all we need to do is just mix it up properly and then I’m going to pop it in the fridge for about 30 minutes easy as that.

I’m just gonna cover and pop this in the fridge and I’ll show you the next step now whilst the chicken is marinating we are going to make the sauce now what we need to do is with the remaining oil I’m just going to pour that in our preheated pot and we’re going to add in our sliced onions and we’re just going to cook this for about 30 seconds.

we’re going to throw in our mixed peppers and give that a stir and also I’ve just chopped up one fresh chili just to give it that extra kick and what we are what we’re going to be doing is also adding in all our sauces we’re going to be adding in our tamarind sauce our tomato ketchup chili and garlic sauce and soy sauce rice vinegar chili flakes some salt.

I’m just going to add about half a teaspoon for now and then I’m going to just give it a try and if we need to add any more we can and just stir that in we just got to mix everything in properly now that’s looking good it’s smelling great um I’m just going to let this cook for about about 40-50 seconds and then we’re just gonna put this aside and then we’re going to be frying our chicken pieces.

We’ve got our chicken now and now we’re just going to deep fry in hot oil the oil is ready and slowly and carefully just pop them in we’re just going to cook the chicken until it’s cooked through nicely just a few more minutes guys our chicken is fried and I’ve just left that to drain here on the side um we’ve just brought back our uh pot with the sauce and now.

We’re just going to be making our cornflour mixture which is easy it’s just two tablespoons of cornflour and some water and I’m just going to be pouring some in slowly and we’re just going to mix that in like this and it will thicken slightly now I’m just going to add this to the sauce and what it does it just thicken our sauce mixture let’s just put that on low and in that goes and just give it a mix the mixture has started to thicken um and we’re then going to be adding in our fried chicken pieces.

Now if you want to if you’re happy with this consistency then you can just leave it as it is if you want to add a bit more water then you can um but I’m just going to leave this for about to stir it a little bit for about uh 40 seconds or and then it’s ready and then now I’m just going to prepare my serving dish and then we’re ready to serve you can have this with rice you can have it with spicy rice boiled rice um egg fried rice and I’m just boiling some noodles over here let’s go and just give it a mix and just toss the chicken in there.

It’s all nicely the mixture is all nicely coated I can’t wait to try this guy I know my family they can smell it and it smells nice as well they’re looking forward to it I hope you guys enjoy making this and I’m sure you guys will love it too just look at that guy what do you think we’re just going to plate this up I’ve got our noodles and then over goes the chicken Manchurian and then.

Now we’re just going to add the garnish I’m just going to sprinkle over some nigella seeds on top just pretty all up nicely and we’re going to add some toasted sesame seeds chopped spring onions as well there you go guys I hope you enjoyed and love making it as much.

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