How To Make Onion Pakora Recipe

How To Make Onion Pakora Recipe

How To Make Onion Pakora Recipe


How To Make Onion Pakora Recipe. I’m sharing a super quick and easy pakora recipe some also call it onion bhaji it’s crispy crunchy and will go perfectly with your favorite dip so do give it a go I hope you enjoy them and hey if this is your first time and you like what you see check out the other delicious recipes on the website and I have new uploads all the time so consider.

So the ingredients that you will need is chickpea flour also known as besan or gram flour we’ve got rice flour fenugreek dry fenugreek cumin and coriander powder fennel seeds red chili powder turmeric powder some water salt to taste chopped garlic some onions and fresh coriander leaves and I’m going to list the exact amounts.

So we’ve got our onions here and all we’re going to be doing is we’re just going to be slicing these up and let me show you how thick we need to slice them like this okay so I’ve sliced these up and now we’re just going to put them all in the bowl and it’s really easy because what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be adding all the ingredients into this bowl now in goes the rest of the ingredients so the chili powder and you can add more or less depending on how spicy you want it and also turmeric powder as well fennel seeds dry fenugreek coriander and cumin powder and I’ve mixed that together.

I’ve got about one teaspoon of chopped garlic rice flour and the chickpea flour and we’re just going to chop up the fresh coriander bye and just sprinkle that over and also we’re going to be adding salt as well and again once you’ve made the mixture just taste give it a taste and if you need to add a bit more salt than you can so I’ve got about half a teaspoon here and then all you need to do is just get some water and then we’ve got some water and we’re just going to make our mixture now the mixture we don’t want it to be too runny and we don’t want it to be too thick either.

So we’re just going to add the water bit by bit and also you don’t want to make the mixture too loose either because what will happen it will all fall apart at the time of frying I’m just going to add a little bit more, okay so the mixture guys should be like this so when you hold it in your hand you should be able to hold it together so now what we’re going to do is I’ve already preheated the oil we’re going to be deep-frying these.

So let’s take this over there okay guys so now what I’ve done is I’ve just gathered some of the mixtures in my hand I’m not going to be making big pakoras so they’re just like a medium-size and then all we’re going to be doing is we’re just going to be dropping them in very slowly like this and you have to make sure that your oil is hot and so let’s just fill this up we don’t want to overcrowd the pan either now we’re going to fry these until they are nice and golden and they’re going to be nice and crunchy and crispy as well.

So once they’ve been frying for about a minute on one side we’re just going to turn these over so they can fry evenly all the way around and they do hold their shape guys you can see look that they’re not falling apart either these are looking nice and crunchy now they’re done so I’m just going to take these out I’m just going to finish off with the rest of them and then we’re going to serve them with some delicious chutney there you go, guys, i hope you enjoyed and love making it as much as we do plenty more recipes.

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