How To Make Delicious Singapore Rice Recipe In A New Way

How To Make Delicious Singapore Rice Recipe In A New Way

How To Make Delicious Singapore Rice Recipe In A New Way

How To Make Delicious Singapore Rice Recipe In A New Way. I hope you’re well and thanks for joining me in my kitchen and a warm welcome to you if it’s your first time here now we’ll be making this dish right here it’s made of rice spaghetti chicken and vegetables and a tasty flavorful sauce it’s called Singaporean right you are gonna love this.

Ingredients 👇

Singaporean rice 400g chicken fillet cut into small pieces 3 tbs cooking oil 1 tbs lemon juice 1/2 Red, green, yellow peppers cut into small chunks 1 tbs cornflour Some water Small carrot cut into small pieces 1 onion chopped 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 1/2 tsp soya sauce 1/2 crushed chilies 1 tsp black pepper Salt to taste 1 tsp coriander and cumin powder 200g boiled spaghetti 1 1/2 ~ 2 cups boiled rice Spring onion for garnishing Sauce 3 heaped tbs Mayonnaise 2 tbs tomato ketchup 1 tsp red chili powder 1 tsp garlic paste Salt to taste.

Lets Start To Make Singapore Rice

First of all, what we’re going to do is we’re going to add some oil and preheat that for a little while keeping the gas on medium heat, and then we’re going to add in our chopped onion now we’re going to fry the onions till they’re light keep them light and they are soft now we are ready to add in the chicken we’re going to cook the chicken till we have a little moisture left at this point what you can’t also do is add in the ginger and garlic paste as well we couldn’t cook some of the rawness out of it.

Boil 45 mints Chicken

I’m gonna cover this I’m gonna come back and check on it and gonna cook this for about about 45 minutes on low heat and then become a chocolate guy now we’re gonna check on our chicken and see what’s happening we’ve got a little bit of moisture in there what we can do now is add in these ingredients we’re going to add in the soy sauce lemon juice flake chilies coriander and cumin powder and also you can add if you want to add more kick to it.

You can add chili powder or you can add fresh chilies as well I’m gonna add a little bit of red chili powder to it are we also going to be adding some salt now you can add the salt depending on your taste he’s always best to add less if you need to add more you can always adjust it and then what we need to do is add in the black pepper carrots and the peppers.

Use Sauce Now

Now I’m gonna cook these for about 2-3 minutes give it a stir he’s starting to look nice and colorful as well now at this point you can always taste it as well if you add a bit more chili or salt you can so let’s cover this for about 2-3 minutes and I’ll come and check on this now while this is happening I’m gonna quickly show you how to make the sauce it’s easy to make what we’re going to be doing is making a sauce now and we’re using this to put on top of our and on when we layer.

In the mayonnaise, we’re going to be adding the tomato ketchup shorting out the sauce some salt the garlic paste, and the red chili powder and that’s all it is fear these a few ingredients, and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to mix this and I’m going to leave it aside you ready when we need it that’s been cooking for about two minutes now we’re going to be adding in the last ingredient which is the cornflour all I’m going to do is take our cornflour and add a little bit of water to this give it a mix.

Add Spaghetti For Taste

It’s another bit more do you want to and then we’re going to add this in that was slight you know what happens is a quart with the cornflour the mixture will start to thicken slightly and we’re going to cook this for about a minute and then we’re going to switch that off and then I’ll show you the next step I’m going to show you now how to layer this dish now this is a dish that can be made in advance as well now what we next what we do next is we can pour over some mayonnaise over the rice.

It gives the rice some flavor as well and gently goes over it now it’s up to you you can add more sauce as well the more sauce you want to even add more and then we’re going to take the spaghetti and then we’re gonna put this spaghetti over that and then we’re going to take up a chicken and spread it all over the spaghetti now this is a delicious dish.

Serve Them

It’s also quite filling as well and then what you can do is you can also heat it in the oven as well and then take some more sauce and then you can spread it around the edges and on top like this and this is quite a popular recipe in my home I found it enjoys this I make about two dishes and then we’re going to sprinkle over the fresh coriander leaves and the chopped spring onions.

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