How To Make Creamy And Puff Pastries

How To Make Creamy And Puff Pastries

How To Make Creamy And Puff Pastries

How To Make Creamy And Puff Pastries.  Today we’ll be making steak and mashed eyes and you guys are gonna love this the patient we’ll be using is from a company called pastry world now they’re based in Leicester now they’ve been around for over 20 years recently they have decided to launch to the Vito market and soon to also go to nationwide currently available in pack foods and to also similar supermarkets as well now becoming two sizes currently available in a box of 10 5×5 squares and also a box of ready roll sheets for your convenience now you commit amazing stuff from this you can make sweet insane free pastries.

Ingredients 👇

500g beef or lamb boneless cut into chunks 3-4 potatoes boiled and make mash Pastry world Puff Pastry 1 tbs oil 1 chopped onion 2 tbs red pepper chopped 1 tbs Jalapeño cut into small pieces 2 tbs tomato sauce 1 tbs mustard sauce 1 tsp Worcester sauce 1 tsp lemon pepper 1 tsp black pepper 1 tbsp red chili powder 1 tbsp sesame seeds Corriander for garnishing Juice from 1 lemon 2 eggs beaten Salt to taste 1 tbsp garlic/red chili paste 3~4 this gravy granules.

Let’s Start To Make Creamy And Puff Pastries

Now what we have here is approximately 500 grams of beef steak here and what I’ve done is I’ve cut that into pieces also we have mashed potato there now what I’ve done is boiled about four medium potatoes and then I’ve to mash them up with some butter salt a little bit of milk and black pepper one teaspoon of lemon pepper 1 tablespoon of garlic and fresh chiles.

I’ve blitzed that into a paste 4 tablespoons of gravy some salt to taste 1 TSP of Worcester sauce 1 tablespoon of cooking oil 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds 2 tablespoons of red pepper and I’ve cut them two small pieces 1 tablespoon of jalapenos are their way in the bottled they were bottled jalapenos and I’ve chopped them into small pieces 1 tablespoon of mustard sauce 1 teaspoon of red chili powder juice from one lemon 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce a couple of eggs fresh coriander.

We’ll be filling this in the 5 by 5 squares let me show you what we need to do all guys also completely forgot a couple of things so also we need flour paste which is made from plain flour and some water this is used to stick down and seal the edges of the pastry and also not forgetting the onion as well one onion and I’ve chopped that up you’re not pretty looted part.

Adding the Oil

We’re going to start by adding in the oil and then we’re going to add in our chopped onions the beat and also the garlic and fresh chili paste I’m going to add everything in if you want it left if you want it my own then, of course, you could adjust that and add fewer chilies lemon juice teaspoon of lemon pepper start to taste I’m gonna add about a teaspoon now and then we’ll taste that and see if it’s the correct seasoning and add a bit more if we need to and also the Worcester sauce and the red chili powder.

Now what we’re going to do is give that a stir and then we’re going to cover this and I’m going to keep this on about medium heat for about 15 minutes and then we’ll come back to it this will be cooking for about 15 minutes or and then it’s a little bit of moisture left we’re now going to be adding in about a cup and a half of water let me pull that in and then mix that up I’m gonna let this simmer on low to medium heat you want the meat to be tender and it should flick off let me cover this and I’ll come back to this in about ten minutes while.

The beef is still happening and shows you what’s inside the boxes if I start with this one now this is the pastry loop I’ll be using today I’ll take them out we’ve got ten five by five squares and the way to defrost them is if we separate them out and then leave it over here it should be about ten minutes and they’ll be defrosted they’ll be sitting nicely forward and if I to show you these in this box you get two rolls and it’s this way I won’t be defrosting this I’m going to put this back in the freezer.

How To Roll Nicely And Baked

Because I won’t be using this today but it’s to show you guys you get two rolls nicely wrapped up if you’ve got a baked baking paper as well you can also use the same sheet to put the pastry on and each roll is 450 grams and the pastry is also vegetarian let’s check on this let me show you I don’t think it’s quite done yet it has been cooking for about ten minutes but let me see yes we still we wanted to do a little bit more tender at this point we can’t still add in the gravy granules.

I’m gonna sprinkle that in and stir that in as well now you can start to go look a bit thick which is what we won I am gonna cover it for about five more minutes and then I’ll come back to check to see if the meat is done the beef is now nice and tender what I’ve done is I’ve shredded the pieces and then what I’m going to do is add it in the rest of the ingredients that we have left and heat that through I’m going to be adding in the mustard and the tomato sauce the chopped jalapenos chopped red pepper.

A pinch of black pepper we’re going to stir that and gently heat this through and then the mixtures ready and then I’ll show you the next step which is filling the pastries for this part we will need mashed potato sesame seeds the flour paste to seal the edges of the pastry beat and eggs the mixture of coarsely chopped coriander and our pastry to the mixture.

I’m going to sprinkle this over and then mix that in we get our square now in there I’m going to add a heaped teaspoon of the mashed potato now before I show you guys sorry you can fill this in however way you like today I’ll be making them into triangles I’ll be folding them over but of course, you can also make them into rectangles too or you can cut it in half and make like square pillows now if I take some of the mixtures.

I’ve got about heaped table sorry teaspoon of mashed potato and I’m going to put it here and spread it out maybe a little bit more and then we’re going to take our steak mixture over about a teaspoon or so and we’re going to spread this on top of it like this and then we’re going to grab our flour paste and then carefully spread it on the edges and then around this side too and you can use your finger for this as well like that and then fold this part over and gently seal.

Final Steps

The sides and then take a knife and I’m going to make some more you can have a use a fork as well if you want to and I’m going to put a few slits on top like this take your egg and then you’re going to egg wash it on top this will give it a nice golden color when it comes out the oven and then we can sprinkle on top with some poppy seeds or some parsley I’ll be using some sesame seeds and we’re going to sprinkle that over we’re going to be doing this for the rest of the pastries.

Now I’m going to bake this in the oven on approximately about 180 degrees but the hot oven needs to be hot I’m gonna preheat that to 200 degrees first and then we’ll cook we’ll bake that at 180 degrees guys these are now out the oven let’s cut one up and see how it is inside they look lovely and golden now I don’t know if you can hear those crunch guys but let’s cut this open let’s shown you what it’s like it’s nice and flaky you smells delicious too.

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