Homemade Easy Paratha Breakfast Recipe 2021

Homemade Easy Paratha Breakfast Recipe 2021

Homemade Easy Paratha Breakfast Recipe 2021

Homemade Easy Paratha Breakfast Recipe 2021. I’ve got a quick and easy recipe for you today it’s parathas now you can eat your parathas on its own with tea with eggs with dal anything really I like my parathas crispy crunchy and flaky and that’s what we’ll be making today so let’s get straight into it okay so let me take you through the ingredients well, to be honest, you don’t really need much for paratha.

Let’s Make Paratha Recipe

So I’ve got two cups of medium roti atta I’ve got one cup of maida or plain flour I’ve got plain flour here and two tablespoons of oil and that’s sunflower or olive oil it’s fine and also guys you need about four or five heap tablespoons of butter or ghee and I’ll be melting this when I’ll be when I start to use it also you need boiling water so let me put the kettle on and then we can start.

The kettle’s just boiled um so let’s start so what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to pour in our oil so in that goes and then with my hands we’re just going to mix the oil in and then we’re going to pour in our hot water um I’m going to add the hot water a bit by bit because we don’t want the dough to go soggy or anything like that and we don’t also want the dough to be really firm.

So it needs to be um we need to achieve that soft dough so let me just wash my hands so I’ve got about 300 mils of um hot boiling water so as I said mentioned before we’re going to be adding the water in slowly um because we might not need all of it and we’re just going to mix it and if we do need more than at least we know um I’ll what I’ll do is I’ll just add a bit more.

The moment I’ve got about 300 mils let’s put a bit more so it doesn’t look like it’s still going to bind you can always test it with your hands so we still need to add a bit more let’s try that let me have a look and see whether we need to add a bit more is it um it might be okay actually but let’s just have a look we do need all of it so let’s just add that in okay yeah so I’m happy with this and we’re just going to now knead the dough make sure we’ve got all the flowering together.

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What you can also do is just rub a little bit of oil on your hands as well and then just knead it that way I’m just going to grab the oil let’s just rub some oil and then we’re just going to knead it right and once that’s nicely bound together we can just take it out the bowl and then just use your chapati board now you’re going to have to need I like to knead the dough for at least about 3-4 minutes.

We’ve just needed our dough and now we’re going to be making them into our roti shape um so let’s just do that now grab some dough I think I’m okay and happy with this size so obviously the size of your paratha will depend on the size of your amount of dough that you um roll let’s just do that so I think you’ll get about from this amount and this size probably about one two three four five six seven about seven if you want them smaller you’ll probably get an uh a few more um so let me just do that so I’ve got about eight here.

Let me just show you what we need to do and then what you can do is just um cover that with a tea towel or something um over the top um because they do dry out very quickly um right so then we also need some roti flour some chapati flour so keeps that handy too and just a little bit and we’re just going to roll it out as you would do when you make your chapatis okay so I’m happy with that so it should be all even all the way around and then what you need to do is you need to melt your butter or your key.

Let’s just do that now there are a few ways of um making the parathas today I’m going to show you um the Lucha paratha style which gives you like this circular design in the middle we’ve got our melted ghee brush this all around sprinkle over some flour and then with a knife and then we’re just going to cut them into strips like so and then each of these strips we’re just going to roll.

Just tightly roll like this and then we’re going to move on to the next one so you get the idea guys I’ll be doing that across the strips and then we just add the roll to your strip doesn’t matter where you start just tighten that carry on and then we’ll just take the final strip and then just roll that like this there you go and I’ll be doing this to all of our rolls here and then we’ll move on to the next step.

These are all rolled up as they should be and now we’re going to move on to the next step um and that is to roll these up so let’s just remove these and then what I’m going to do I’m just going to cover these um and just put them in a bowl and just put a cling film over it um so we’re just going to take some flour sprinkle that on your board and we’re just going to roll I don’t know if you can see guys but look at the lines can you see that.

I rolled it out guys uh thickness depends on how you like it and that’s the thickness I’ve got and I’m going to continue with the rest of them so I’ve just put my dough on my skillet uh on preheat and now we’re just going to move on to the next step which is to cook these so for this part all you need is some softened ghee or butter now this is what will make your parathas crunchy and crispy and you will need a fair bit of it.

First of all, I’m just going to add about a tablespoon and just melt that on here and make sure that the skillet is all covered the skill is nicely heated up and then we’re just going to place that in there [Applause] slowly now when you start to see small bubbles on top that’s when you can turn it over so just wait a little bit I’ll just wait a little bit before that happens and I’ve got my heat on the medium by the way now we’re ready to turn it over.

Very gently turn it over so we’re gonna leave it on here to cook for about a minute or two making sure that you keep an eye on it that it doesn’t burn or stick to the skillet so we’re going to be turning it up in about a minute or two but making sure that you moving it around you can just check it as well to see how well it’s cooking just a bit more I think we’re ready to turn it and there you go what do you think guys looking good and also I’m just going to put some more on top.

You can see guys you’re going to be needing a lot of this and that’s what’s going to help it make it nice and crunchy and look at that look at all these layers we’re just going to cook it for about a minute on that side and it’s already crunchy I can feel it now that’s done so we’re just going to carry the move on to the next one so guys this has just come off fresh from the tower and look how crunchy and crispy it is just looking at.

I can’t wait to enjoy this you guys are going to absolutely love it you’ve got to try it out see how easy crunchy and tasty flaky paratha is checked that out guys you can enjoy it with your breakfast and I’ve got here masala eggs and masala beans.

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