Electric Skillet Vs Hot Plate – Buying guide

Electric skillet vs hot plateSome devices are able to do more such as enhance your kitchen and improve your skills in cooking. We all know that the most significant utensils you may find in the kitchen are appliances, for example, toasters, blenders and microwaves. But we don’t know what’s exactly between electric skillet vs hot plate.

You can find also other items such as electric skillet and hot plates, but today many users are not absolutely familiar using such gadgets. Many people choose the hot plates, while many others like to employ electric skillets in their kitchens. In this part we will talk about the controversy between the hot plates and electric skillets and discover which one you should use.

What is exactly a hot plate?

A hot plate is a gadget that you can carry wherever you like and can help you with cooking and heating meal. This is a substitution of large kitchen devices like the stove and microwave. The hot or heater plate provides its user a powerful temperature source in different processes; it also provides some extra features for heating and also preparing food. The warmth source of the hot plate could be microwave, ordinary electricity, open flame heat or just a propane gas.

There are various models of hot plates available on the market which comes with many designs and different sizes. To decide which of two choices is better for your uses, you must first of all define your exact needs. But, first you have to make the difference between heating system and the heating surface. And to do so, we are going to help you.

You have to know that electric hot plates are themselves heating elements. It is equipped with ON and OFF key and controller to select the desired temperatures. All you have to do is to determine the right temperature for your gadget and forget about the rest.

There are also the ceramic types which need a microwave heating. Put it into the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes at a high temperature. Then, take it out of the microwave, but be careful because it would be extremely hot. After these steps, the plate continues to be hot for a period estimated to 60-70 minutes.

If you like the outdoor cooking using gas burners or outdoor grills, the cast iron hot plate would be a perfect choice. All you have to do is to put your plate on the gas burner or outdoor grills and keep it for a couple of minutes. If you are a person who loves camping, better buy the propane model since it is very handy and convenient for such activity. And if you want to get an open flame we recommend employing propane gas but with extra fuse.

What is an electric skillet?

First of all, the electric skillet is multi-functional and an autonomous kitchen device conceived to cook and heat meals and food. It is capable of cooking different kind of dishes and comes with various sizes. The frying pan is equipped with an exterior lid and helps preparing meals like frying and sauteing. There are other ways that we have mentioned above such as baking, roasting and steaming, all of them can be utilized. 

The electric skillet is a convenient cooking gadget, as it permits to prepare or warm up without using the old ways like oven and stove. The electric skillet offers an even heat to the meal and allows you to prepare an important quantity of foods easily and swiftly without making any efforts. 

You have to be careful when using these appliances because they get so hot while cooking. So, to save your hands from burning. You should never move or carry your electric skillet when preparing a meal. Besides, you have to watch out when adding oil to the food, as it can be splashed by the heat.

Wrapping up: Which one should you buy? electric skillet vs hot plate.

It is obvious that the plates are versatile and offers an easy cleaning after using since they cool down quickly. But these appliances take few minutes to heat up, don’t remain constant. And also, these are not able to prepare two meals at the same moment. 

However, the electric skillets are heated steadily and remain stable all along the cooking time. Using the electric skillet would be very easy once you get used to the different modes of cooking. At that time, you will not face any difficulties utilizing this appliance. Besides, users who will buy an electric skillet, have the chance of using many methods to cook their lovely dishes. Things hot plate does not offer.

To resume, we guarantee that by purchasing an electric skillet, you will not in any way waste your money. This is a must have and you should buy one for your kitchen as soon as you can.

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