Electric Skillet Vs Cast Iron Skillet – Buying Guide

An electric skillet is larger and deeper than the normal cast iron skillet. The large size of electric skillet allows it to cook a variety of foods and for many people at once. Here’s a comparison of electric skillet vs cast iron skillet. A well-seasoned cast-iron skillet is more durable profitable and considered as a natural product.

Electric Skillet

»Electric skillet vs cast iron skillet

An electric skillet  or the frying pan is a flat-bottomed pan we use for the purpose of browning and searing foods. In recent times, frying pans have been given different names in various parts of the world. For instance, we call it Copper frying pans in Mesopotamia, ‘tagenon’ in Greeks, and patella or ‘sartago’ in Rome. In the 19th century, before the kitchen stoves appeared, a Cast iron cooking pan that has a handle and three legs. We used it to stand in the coal and ashes of the fire. The widely known cooking pots and pans with flat bottoms came recently when the cooking stoves became in need.

In the ancient periods, electric skillets came with cast irons though some are still relevant today importantly for outdoor cooking. Most of the electric skillets today are now available with stainless steels and aluminum. Other materials and methods to manufacture modern electric skillet or frying pans include Aluminum, Copper, Cast iron and so much more.

An electric skillet has an electric heating element which makes it function independently of a cooking stove. An electric skillet is also made of heat-insulated legs which act as a support when it stands on a countertop. This variety of frying pans has a common square or rectangle shape. 

The Electric skillet has additional importance over the stovetop stoves because it functions as a heat regulator. We determine the temperature with the detachable power cord which incorporates the thermostatic control.  

Uses of Electric Skillet

Electric is important in many kitchens around the world as a result of perfection in thermostatic control. The surface of the frying pan during cooking is usually coated with a layer of fats or oil. Some foods like bacon which does not require any additional oil. In the use of Electric skillets, the layer of fats serves many functions like Lubricating the surface. It increases the contact between the pan and the food, increases the food color and flavor and also acts as a thermal mass to reduce the cooking time. 

The depth at which the surface oil moves depends on the type of food being cooked. For instance, In frying fish, we cover the inner pan surface by the oil. But the case is different when frying pancakes where oil is a thin film that keeps the batter from sticking to the surface of the pan.

Care of the Frying Pan/Electric skillet

We must apply seasons on the surface of electric skillets before and after use. We should maintain deep care when cleaning in order not to remove the seasoned coating. 

Electric skillets coming with copper are tinned typically to prevent toxic reactions while cooking the food. The copper may also require frequent re-tinning. We polish the exteriors to prevent tarnish. 

There you have it! All you need to know about the electric skillet. Purchasing one can speed up your cooking process and eliminate your need for stovetop completely. So you can cook anywhere out of power source. Get an electric skillet today to have better cooking experience in your home? 

Cast Iron Skillet

Electric skillet vs cast iron skilletA cast iron skillet is cookware that is widely used for cooking due to its retention properties and it can also be manufactured with a relatively low level of technology. It is one of the facilities used in cooking. When seasoning is applied to it, it prevents the bare cast iron from getting rust. 

There are different types of cast iron skillet which includes frying pans, tetsubin, waffle irons and so much more.

Centuries ago, the cast iron skillet has been one of the equipment used for cooking. This cooking equipment was valued for cooking meals and as a result of its ability to retain a certain amount of heat and durability. 

In Europe, Cast iron skillet has been a common choice for searing or frying due to its ability to maintain and withstand a very high cooking temperature. This high level of heat retaining ability has made it a good option for long-cooking stews and dishes. 

Cast iron skillets are also good choices for egg dishes because they develop a non-stick surface. Cast iron skillet can also be used for cornbread making, cobblers, and cakes.

Most of the cast iron skillet found today are usually cast with a single piece of metal and also includes the handle. These make them useful both in the oven and on the stove.

 Cast iron skillet can also be used for many recipes especially the dishes that can be fried or seared on the stove and later transported into the oven or pan to finish the baking. More importantly, cast iron skillet can also be used as baking dishes.

Cast iron skillet has relatively low heat conductivity and forms a hotspot when heat is applied. However, it has a relatively high heat retention and the cast iron skillet becomes hot including the handles.

Effect on Human Health

Keeping with electric skillet vs iron cast skillet, studies have shown that significant amount of dietary iron can be leached into food by cast iron skillet. The amount of iron absorption depends greatly on its acidity, how long it was cooked, the water content. Cast iron skillet has been found to have a significant effect on the health due to high intake of iron in the diet.

Cleaning of the Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillet should not be cleaned the same way other cook wares are cleaned. Other cookware cleaning techniques entail washing or scouring in a dishwasher. This method should be avoided on Cast iron skillet because it can remove or damage the seasoning on a bare cast iron pan. 

It is widely accepted by some chefs that the cast iron skillet shouldn’t be cleaned at all but simply wiping them out and washing with hot water and a stiff brush after every use.

Brands of Cast iron Skillet

Unlike electric skillet, cast iron skillet is produced globally. Some of the countries that produce cast iron skillet include France, Italy, Denmark and the United States. Nearly all iron manufacturers were closed in the United States as a result of the decline in the daily use of cast iron cookware. 

There you have it! Some of the things you need to know about electric skillet vs cast iron skillet.

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