Basics of an Electric Skillet

Basic of an electric skillet

The electric skillet was basically made to help you cook your meals easily, quickly and this is what anyone needs. Actually, the electric skillet is a multi-functional kitchen gadget. A convenient utensil that helps you to cook in many ways with different methods. You are able to prepare a variety of dishes, from steaks and hamburgers, sauces, chips and baked eggs and more. If you will know how to take care of this special and unique cooking appliance, be sure that it will remain functional for years providing you hours of cooking. 

However, before taking any step forward to buy an electric skillet, you need to get a clear idea about the different types of electric skillets. You should know its major pros and cons. Also, what difference it makes when using an electric skillet instead of the classic skillets.

Like its name says, the electric skillet needs the electric power to go on, and to turn on the heat of the skillet. You should plug it into an electrical power outlet. It is a very practical appliance because it gives you extra space in the strove or the oven. An electric skillet gives you the opportunity to cook and prepare your meal in one gadget. Besides, this kitchen appliance allows you to master the heat inside the skillet better than a classic oven put in a stove. This is a very practical kitchen appliance that you must have to replace your classic boring and an unhealthy frying pan.

Use an electric skillet for cooking:

The main feature of an electric frying pan is its capacity to support many cooking ways. And if you have once dreamed of being a good kitchen chef, this is your best chance to realize your dream by cooking using your own electric frying pan. So to help you get your chance, these are some food preparation methods.


The method of sauteing consists of using not much grease or oil at a fast and medium temperature. This method is for people conscious about healthy eating.


What is stir-frying? It’s simply when you cook adding a tiny amount of oil or fat and rousing food steadily.


We hear by braising the involvement of dry and wet heat during the cooking process. To do that you have to sear the meat at a high heat level. After a while you cover the food using the lid then you continue the cooking process at a quite low temperature.


This time, to apply this method, you have to quickly boil the food without any oil or fat or you have the possibility to brown all the ingredients adding a small amount of oil and you would get the same result.

Suggestions for electric skillets:

In case you have already bought your favorite electric skillet and you have no idea how to use it, we would like to give you some advice and tips before starting using your kitchen appliance and so provide you the best cooking experience ever. Just follow this piece of advice that will help you get the best performance of your electric skillet.

If your electric skillet has a non-stick coating or its interior surface comes with Teflon, we advise you to use a wood-spatula while cooking with the electric skillet. Just to remind you that you have to employ a wooden utensil in order to protect the external coating. Keep in mind that utensils metal-based seriously damage the lid of the electric skillet; they would provoke scratches which may damage the lid or the cover of the appliance.

And if the lid is not properly working, your food will be stuck to the coating of the skillet. As much as you use wooden tools, you guarantee a better service of your skillet and also the non-stick surface would last longer.

Clean it with care:

Once you finished with the electric skillet, don’t go straight to clean it. Wait until it gets cool then proceed with cleaning. And don’t use cold water to cool down the electric skillet, the manufacturer does not recommend such method. Actually, a rough temperature fall can provoke a deformation of the stainless steel parts and so harm the whole skillet.

When you have an electric skillet with a non-stick coating, make sure to clean it with a mild detergent. If you got the skillet oily and you had difficulties to get rid of the persistent blotches from the first wash. Don’t worry, keep the skillet soaked into water for 12 hours maximum. By this way, the dirt will be removed by a simple gesture and all the remained stains will fade. For the better of the electric skillet, it is recommended to clean the gadget carefully and by hand. Avoid using the dishwasher to clean the electric skillet.

Some users do not like to keep their appliance in water for hours to avoid corrosion. So they clean it instantly after finishing cooking and when it cools down. To your knowledge, some containers such as pans and pots are easy to clean unlike the skillet itself.

The first step before starting cooking any food is to preheat the skillet container. Once the container is heated, you may start by adding grease or oil. If the skillet container is stainless steel one, you have to preheat it for 5 minutes at low temperature. Then you would be able to proceed the cooking process which starts by adding oil and then put the temperature at medium level. This method offers you a meal perfectly prepared and you would be proud of what you have done.

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Wrapping Up: Basics of electric skillet cooking

Now, after viewing some of the useful methods and tips, we are sure that you have kept in mind something about the tips of an electric skillet. And also, you have got some information about food preparation using an electric skillet. The main advantage of cooking with an electric skillet is that it is able to keep a steady food temperature unlike the classic pan on the stove which gives under-cooked or overcooked meals. So if you like to get perfect doughnuts, preparing grilled dishes or pancakes, the electric skillet is the ideal choice. Another advantage of using the electric frying pan is, unlike the stoves, it does not heat up your kitchen. People try always to keep their kitchen cool especially when they cook during the summer.

Actually, owning a skillet in your kitchen is very beneficial since it gives you a great advantage. If you get guests at home and you have to serve them with a delicious dish within few couples of minutes. For people who want their meal to be done quickly and perfectly, neither overcooked nor raw, and all this in a few minutes, the electric skillet is a must-have. The manufacturer has mainly made it for this purpose.

So to get a quick meal without losing the quality of the dish, better purchase an electric skillet right now! Check our top picks for you right now!

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